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How to get rid of Michigan squirrels

How to get rid of Michigan squirrels

Squirrels generally provide hours of free entertainment for people as they jump and cavort through the trees but if you have a bird feeder or fruit trees in your yard then Lansing squirrels are at best a nuisance and at worst a total nightmare. It is a misconception that squirrels want to live in your lounge room and kitchen, they don't, they actually freak out totally when they get caught in the area frequented by humans and pets. They do like your attic and wall cavities and the chimneys and the like because those places are dark, dry and generally warm in winter so they make excellent homes for Michigan squirrels.

Here are the stages you would have to go through to rid your self completely of Michigan squirrels:

1. Remove all the Lansing squirrel food from the house and the yard, the only reason squirrels will hang around is if there is plenty to eat, so make sure there is nothing to eat.

2. Make sure all your garbage bins are sealed and Michigan squirrel proofed.

3. Squirrel proof your birdfeeders with baffles and make sure they are far enough away from all the trees so the squirrels cannot jumped onto the top of the birdfeeder. Make sure you keep the area under the birdfeeder free of seeds

4. If you have a vegetable garden and want to keep it, put a wire mesh fence around it that is buried at least one foot into the ground. Use Lansing squirrel repellent sprays around the bottom of the fence.

5. A very good idea is to keep the squirrels away from what you want to keep is to feed them elsewhere.

6. If nothing else has worked try motion activated deterrents, like sprinklers, squirrels do not like getting wet.

7. You have to make sure your house is Michigan squirrel proof and that includes making sure there are no branches from trees close enough to the house for a squirrel to make the jump.

8. If you have one place a squirrel proof guard over the top of your chimney.

9. If you have squirrels call your local animal control to find out what you can do about them, remember it is illegal and possibly criminal in some jurisdictions to harm a Michigan squirrel.

It is always best to try prevention before removal, if you can figure out what brought the Lansing squirrels to your house and yard you can remove it and they will just go away, if you can't figure it out yourself get some professional advice.

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