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  • Lansing Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a skunk

How to kill a skunk

How to kill a skunk

As more and more Lansing wildlife is driven into residential areas of cities and towns because we humans are taking over their natural habitats for our own purposes then the clash between human and animal becomes more and more inevitable. Now, some of these animals you don't have a lot of choices with, killing them is pretty much the only inexpensive way to go, you can hire Michigan professionals to remove the animals but that can become very expensive.

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The thing about capturing and removing Lansing skunks is that most people are terrified of being sprayed, with that in mind they automatically go for the lethal solution thinking “if I kill it quick enough it won't spray me” and in most cases they are right, however like most mammals skunks tend to poop themselves as they die, Michigan skunks of course also in most cases will spray as they die.

Here is a whole bunch of what are considered as inhumane methods to kill a skunk and in most of the cases listed the skunk will spray before it dies:

• Shooting, it only works if you are a very good shot or if you're using a cannon, because simply put even experts will tell you that only in about one in ten head shots that are instant kills will the animal not spray. Also there is the legal aspects involved with discharging a firearm in your backyard, as well as the Michigan legal aspects of shooting a native animal, the first one can get you jail time the second will get you fined.

• Lethal traps, I cannot find a single case where the user of a lethal trap said the Lansing animal did not spray as the trap kills it. The only people who use these kind traps are fur trappers because all they want intact is the skin and they do not care about the smell.

• Poisoning is another moderately popular way to kill skunks but most Lansing homeowners do not realise skunks have really good immune systems and most poisons would not kill them, but will only make them sick for a few days. Besides that it is actually illegal to poison skunks everywhere mostly because of the danger laid baits pose to pets and even small children.

• Other ways of killing Michigan skunks, all of these are pretty inhumane and barbaric and are generally only used by people more afraid of getting sprayed than of thinking of the animals welfare. These include drowning. Another barbaric method I've read about is you get a syringe, fill it full of anti freeze or acetone and using a long pole inject it into the animal.

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