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  • Lansing Educational Article of the Month - Raccoon prevention tips: how to keep Michigan raccoons away

Raccoon prevention tips: how to keep Michigan raccoons away

Raccoon prevention tips: how to keep Michigan raccoons away

There is almost no chance of you keeping Lansing raccoons away from your house but there are some things that you should know about any raccoon that thinks your house and your yard are its home. The raccoon in question is almost assuredly a female, she will either be pregnant or already have a litter of cubs in her den. The most obvious reason for her moving into your territory is to get away from the aggressive male Michigan raccoons that live just outside of your territory.

You have to remember, Lansing raccoons and other animals in general are not afraid of human beings, they don't trust human beings but they are not afraid of us. The main reason they're not afraid of us is that we don't regularly hunt and kill them so the fear never grows in them.

The only kind of fence that I can imagine will keep Lansing raccoons out is the kind you find around a maximum security prison, anything less is a waste of time and money. Same goes for your house, Michigan raccoons are strong and agile little buggers, they have been known to rip the siding off the house to get into it. There are also things like ultrasonic noisemakers that are marketed as raccoon repellents, the only ones they affect are your neighbors, they will not deter most raccoons.

You have to understand that if a raccoon has decided your Lansing house is home then the most likely reason is that there is a food source available to that raccoon very close to her den. Find the food source and remove it, that way you might convince her to move on and leave you in peace. Another thing that drives homeowners crazy is the old “ Michigan raccoon on the roof”. Raccoons only use house roofs like we used sidewalks and the only way to prevent your roof being used as a route for a raccoon is to convince the raccoon to go and live elsewhere.

Even though I have been reliably informed that the is no such thing as a Lansing raccoon repellent, there sort of is, but evidently it doesn't work all the time. It is called, Raccoon Eviction Fluid, it will only work on a female raccoon who has young already in the place you are trying to evict her from. You can get the fluid from Michigan wildlife stores or online. Usually the way to get rid of a female raccoon with cubs is to collect the cubs, use them to trap her, then take them all on a nice long one way trip.

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