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  • Lansing Educational Article of the Month - Mole Repellents

Mole Repellents

There are several ways to repel Lansing moles in case you can no longer stand the soil mounds and tunnels they create in your backyard or lawn. First, if you want to repel the,, you need to get to know their diets and behavior or else the repellants will do no good.

Getting to know the mole
A Michigan mole is an insectivore – meaning it feeds on insects and other worms that it can find underground the burrow that it created. When you got a repellant, you need to put it in the burrows or else it won’t work with this animal.

Home remedies as mole repellents
Among the home remedies that people use to repel a Lansing mole is the castor oil. Its stinky smell draws back insects and animals like moles. First, you need a piece of rag and dip it on castor oil and put it inside the burrow or mole tunnel. Aside from the castor oil, there are also other home remedies that you can use to repel moles. There is also the mothball method that you can use, although some say that moles just throw them away.

Other home remedies
Aside from stinky repellants, some households deter Michigan moles by pissing them off such as putting foreign objects in the burrows. You can try putting broken glasses, human hair and some disinfectant or detergents inside the hole before the mole comes. This will irritate the animal and will eventually drive it away.

Why home remedies are not effective at all times?
While all these home remedies are suggested by households that experience Lansing mole problems in their land. On the other hand, mole repellents do not work all the time, especially when you fail to locate the right time and place that the animal arrives and leaves the burrow. You must put the repellant before the mole comes in to prevent them from coming back in the place. One home remedy might not work effectively in household mole problems, depending on the size of the land infested by moles. It takes a combination of techniques to get rid of moles permanently. If all these home remedies and measures fail, you can try calling your local Michigan pest control services and consult them about your mole problem. In this case, they will do the professional way of trapping and other measures to keep those animals away from your yard.

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