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About Michigan Foxes

About Michigan Foxes

Fox's are medium-sized omnivorous mammals. They are about the size of a medium dog, about the size of a poodle. They have a flattened skull, upright and pointy ears with a slightly upturned pointed snout and of course the long bushy tail, sometimes called a brush. There are currently 25 species of Lansing Fox's on the planet with 47 recognized subspecies. The Michigan red fox, which is the most common species worldwide originated in England and was exported by the English all around the world, but once released on each continent the foxes made themselves right at home.

The Michigan Fox is an extremely adaptable animal considering they only left their native country less than 300 years ago they have adapted remarkably well, ones found in tropical and hot countries now have very short coats but ones found in colder climates have even longer and thicker coats than they started with. Wild Michigan Fox's live on average from 1 to 3 years though individual Fox's can live up to 10 years. Typically Lansing Fox's live in small family groups, not in packs like wolves, though some species are solitary.

The diet of most Lansing Fox's is largely made up of insects, reptiles and birds but they have been seen to eat eggs and even plants. Most Fox's are generally opportunistic feeders but some are highly specialized such as the crab eating Fox, which of course only eat crabs. Most adult Fox's need about 2 pounds of food every day but like a dog they are quite happy to cache food for later consumption. Michigan Fox's have an almost unique hunting technique in that they will crouch low and then jumping high into the air come down hard on top of their prey, they usually grip the prey by the back of the neck and shake it until it is immobilized.

Fox's sexual characteristics are very similar to that of a dog with the main difference being a Lansing Fox's gestation period is 53 days. Fox litters are usually 4 to 5 pups, but litter sizes can vary greatly depending on the current prevailing conditions where the foxes are, vixens have been known to have up till 11 pups if there is plenty of food available. Michigan Foxes like dogs are known to have a very large vocal range, they use this vocal range to communicate with each other over long distances. Currently over half the world's native foxes are on the endangered species lists, this is mostly due to them still being hunted by humans.

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